Jennie (3 May 2011)
"Dr. Owuor/ My Past Visions"

I for one just want to say that I think he is a great man.  No, he isn't perfect, but no one is???  He is doing what WE ALL SHOULD BE DOING RIGHT NOW!!!   PREACHING THE GOSPAL AND GETTING PEOPLE SAVED.  We are so blessed in this time of age to have someone who was chosen to talk to us.  In the old testament, there were thousands of people preaching for the Lord,  why is it impossible today to have ONE???    We are told to test the spirits, but he has been true in his words.  We are not to worship him, we are to listen to him and the Holy Spirit will tell us if what he is saying is the truth.  Listen to the Holy Spirit, he will keep you on a straight and narrow path?
Just for note:   I have had TWO VISIONS  of a tsunami coming to Virginia.  I wish it weren't true, but back to back I was shown the Chesapeake Bay and a MAJOR TSUAMI came.  It was about 60 feet high at least.  I must say that I ignored the first vision, and so  a couple days later,  I was put on the beach right in front of the Tsunami coming in.  I couldn't move,  I saw it up close and personal.  We are officially in the End Times, and things are going to be Speeding UP   Very Fast.   I also believe the Rapture has a GREAT CHANCE FOR MAY.  I saw the wheat in my right hand,  so I am guessing it's during the Wheat Harvest and I also got an Invitation to go to the Festival.  (I think it's the Wheat Harvest Festival).   Any thought on this????  YSIC Jennie