Jennie (26 May 2011)
"Question To All Doves???"

Wasn't Ascension Day and Pentecost fulfilled already by Jesus Himself??  Jesus said  the Rapture is a MYSTERY.  If it was going to happen on one of his special days, wouldn't he just come out and tell us???   I believe that not all born again Christians will go in the Rapture.  We are guaranteed salvation and live in Heaven for all Eternity, but I know a lot of Born Again Christians who DON'T BELIEVE in the Rapture nor do they obey God's Ten Commandments.  I believe the Rapture is a Special Gift for those who have TURNED AWAY from living the lifestyle like everyone else.  We are not to be LUKEWARM.  We are either HOT OR COLD.  There is NO MIDDLE BOUNDRY in God's eyes. 
This is my understanding of the Rapture
1.  We MUST WATCH at all times
2.  We MUST SEPERATE OURSELVES from the worldly ways
3.  We MUST OBEY the 10 Commandments
4.  We MUST PRAY to be counted WORTHY to go into the Rapture.
Now if the Rapture was for everyone, then why would God be so specific about what we are to do while waiting for the Rapture?
Also,  I believe 100%  that the Rapture of the Church will happen on a REGULAR DAY.  A day when we think not. 
This is just my understanding of the Rapture.  I am not here to offend anyone, just pointing out some things I have been hearing and reading on the Internet pertaining to the Rapture.  I hope we allllll go in the Rapture  YSIC  Jennie