Jennie (20 May 2011)
"All Doves  Here is somthing to ponder on???"

The Peace Treaty will be signed by many nations,  but the AC WILL BE THE ONE WHO ENFORCES IT.  Obama is part of the UN  (Many Nations), I believe he is just a representative to give Israel this Treaty.  Once Israel signs it,  it will take awhile for it to go into effect.  This is where I believe the AC will come out from the dark and PUT IT INTO FORCE.
The Rapture is suppose to happen BEFORE the AC comes INTO POWER.  So, we may see the Treaty Signed, but not ENFORCED.  What are your thoughts on this???  YSIC  Jennie
P.S.  Had a powerful dream last night about the Levies.  I can't remember it all, but this morning a heavy burden has been placed on my heart about the Levies?????   Just wanted to share that.