Jean Stepnoski (7 May 2011)
"The Mississippi River: 120 Year Flood Marker"

Dear Doves,
      Some believe that the Noah family had 120 years to build the ark and make other provisions concerning food, animals, and birds before the deluge and flood began. In some or all of 11 states in America, the worst flooding of 100 years or more is happening or will soon. In The Scriptures, the number 11 is associated with judgment. There are evacuation plans, some are underway for Cairo, Illinois and Memphis, Tennessee and other places. A levee was exploded a few days ago at Cairo, Illinois. These city names are of Egyptian origin. We are approaching The Second Passover on 5-17-2011. Does Egypt appear in the stories about The First and Second Passovers? When is the date of cresting at record levels on the lower Mississippi River? This is estimated as 5-17, at the full moon beginning Iyar 14, the date of The Second Passover! This is amazing.
      I was curious about flooding on the Mississippi River in 1891, a full 120 years ago. This was the year of the earliest large flood there according to "The Floodplains of Rivers" by W. J. McGee on page 21! As of March in 1891, there was a disaster with Mississippi River flooding at the Ames Crevasse just above New Orleans. This flooded Jefferson Parish. There were problems with levees near New Orleans 120 years ago! New levees were constructed and existing ones strengthened yet the flood of 1927 proved that the levees were inadequate. There have been levee problems on the lower Mississippi River since 1891, if not before.
      We have now passed a complete and full 120 YEAR MARKER for flooding events on the Mississippi River. What will the next 10 days of tribulation until 5-17, bring to the Mississippi River and the following states: North Dakota, South Dakota, Illinois, Indiana, Missouri, Kentucky, Arkansas, Tennessee, Mississippi, and Louisiana? May we pray for the residents suffering in these states. Will the departure, of The Greater Exodus than the earlier one of The Exodus in The Scriptures, be soon? We shall see. May we eagerly await and WATCH each day for The Beloved Groom, The Redeemer, The Captain of Our Souls.
With Love and Shalom,