Jean Stepnoski (2 May 2011)
"The Second Passover Must Complete The First Passover"

Dear Doves,
      Technically,The First Passover/ Unleavened Bread is not complete as a process, Adonai's Promise, until The Second Passover is complete each year for Israel. There are a few defiled each year who may take advantage, are invited to partake in the second opportunity offered with The Second Passover. It is much more than an opportunity, a chance, an extension of Divine Mercy. Each year it is a solemn promise which applies. It is an abiding TORAH COMMANDMENT which is BINDING, not loosed! The Blessed Hope may be upon the conclusion of The Second Passover for Israel, that will be 5-17 to 18 in 2011. First Passover will be 3-17 to 18 in 2018. Add 30 days to arrive at Iyar 14, The Second Passover in 2018. This will be 4-15 to 16, 2018. Can the bride/body of Messiah/ Christ be transformed in resurrection before The Second Passover in 2011? I doubt it. The solemn promise, TORAH COMMANDMENT, will be honored and fulfilled. The Master is a perfect kosher Jewish Rabbi who NEVER HAS and NEVER WILL BREAK ANY TORAH COMMANDMENT. These are given by Adonai, Abba Father, as solemn instructions for His Son to perfectly obey. FOREVER OBEY! Most of them did and do apply to Him. It matters far less if people understand and obey the promise and command for The Second Passover completion. Adonai does, The Messiah/ Christ does, and The Spirit of Truth does. Each year, The Second Passover is necessary, it will be offered, promised and completed as COMMANDED! Who has the spiritual authority to make such a TORAH COMMANDMENT into nothingness! In sincerity, valuing and believing this particular command and promise as I do, it appears we remain on Earth during His Barley Passover Season until Second Passover is complete for Israel, 30 days past Nisan 14 at Iyar 14 on the evening of 5-17-2011. From what they clearly value and will uphold in The Scriptures, The Word, Abba Father, His Son, and The Spirit WILL HAVE US REMAIN UNTIL THEN. By the midnight hour for Israel on 5-17-2011,  the opportunity, the promise, The Mercy, and The COMMANDMENT will be COMPLETE for Israel. The Unleavened Process will be fulfilled. It is finished. It is accomplished! Only then in 2011, may the resurrections begin, and the departure ( The Greater Exodus) happen!
With Love and Shalom,