Jean Stepnoski (19 May 2011)
"Iyar 20: Double Midst of the Menorah Day!"

Dear Doves,
      The Barley Resurrection Season begins with the Feast of First Fruits of barley. The 49-50 days then count up, ascend, to Shavuot, Pentecost, at the beginning of the wheat harvest for Israel. From 4/23 to 24, Nisan 19 to 20 until 5/23 to 24 will be 31/32 days into the ascending Counting of the Omer. For those who do this each day, it is stated as weeks plus days. This year Iyar 20 will be 4 Scriptural Weeks plus 3 days into the Scriptural Week complete. Sunset on 5-23 will begin day 4 of the Scriptural Week. This will be a double 4! It will be The ONE and ONLY DAY for a double 4 of Sabbath to Sabbath Weeks and Days in the 49-50 day Ascending Count! Also, how many lights are lit during Hanukkah? These are 44 lights! When you see a 44, if you turn the 4 on the right, to the right like it is being opened, it looks like two doors swinging open on their hinges and opening into a gate! Our Master calls himself the door and the gate for the sheep!
      In The Book of Revelation, The Master is seen standing in the midst of a heavenly menorah. This is the middle of a seven branch lampstand. The most significant of the 7 lamps is the one in the midst, the center. In the original divine design, the servant lamp was the number 4. The Servant Lamp was upraised and the olive oil basin for it fed each and all of the 7 lamps! The Servant Lamp represents the lamps, the lights, the flames, the olive oil, the seven as completion, and the menorah.
      On Iyar 20 we see the themes of ascent, light, and glory among others. The pillar of cloud was at a height, uplifted, so that everyone in the camp could see it. When the glory, like magnificent light, departed the community portable tent of meeting  tabernacle, the mishkan, where did it go? It ascended, it rose, it was uplifted.
      The ONE and ONLY DAY in 2011 when there is the double 4, Midst of the Menorah Concept doubled during the Counting of the Omer will be Iyar 20. We have the double 4 for the Scriptural Sabbath Week, The Day 4 Scriptural Day, and  within the Scriptural Year. Month 4 day 4 will be Tammuz 4. This goes to day 5 of the Scriptural Week so there is no match with the Servant Lamp.
      Iyar 20 contains the themes of ascent, light, lamps, flames, olive oil, glory, double 4, the door-gate, servant light, His Light in the midst of lights, menorah, seven as symbolic of completion, shamash, upliftment, community gathered together, the communal  tabernacle of meeting. Keep Your Lamps Lit Day!  Olive oil, lamps, and lights are obvious!
      Barley First Fruits Day is a day on the Hillel Calendar which floats. It is not always on Nisan 17. This year it was Nisan 19 to 20. The double 4, the 4 plus 4, this year is Iyar 20. This is not coincidence, it is part of Divine Plan. It is about one week after The Second Passover and three days after the important Noah anniversary day of Iyar 17. We are promised to be raised on The Third Day. Might Iyar 20 be The Day of The Blessed Hope? We shall see. May we daily pray, repent, and Watch for our Beloved Lord, The Finest Light of Lights of All! Bless John Tng! Bless the Doves!
With Love and Shalom,