Jean Stepnoski (14 May 2011)
"A Full 69 Months: Then 70 Begins!"

Dear Doves,
      From the period of the beginning of expulsions from the Gaza on 8-17-2005 to 5-17 to 18, 2011 is a complete period of 69 months on the Gregorian Calendar. There are the 4 months of 2005, then 5 years times 12 then another 5. This is curious how The 69 Months Bridge the Time the Jews were taken out of the Gaza until now. This is also the period of Katrina until the present crisis again concerning the Mississippi River near New Orleans. With the beginning of the evacuations/ expulsions from the Gaza, what was later called Hurricane Katrina began to form, to develop, as a tropical depression! Was this coincidental? I think not.
      Do you note that from 69 we go to 70? Soon will be events concerning the beginning of The 70th Week of Daniel! Is all this coincidental? I think not. Also we are now 7 years away from the completion of 70 years from Ivar 5 or 5-14-1948 until Spring in 2018. We see clearly linked  themes of evacuation/ expulsion of people and division of land concerning Israel and the U.S.A. We see the Scriptural concept of Flood Beginning and Ending These 69 Months! There is clearly the linkage of 2 flood markers. In The Scriptures 2 is a number symbolic of division or separation. Is there evacuation/ expulsion and land divided? Do these clues point to the soon arrival of the events of The Blessed Hope? The apostacia? This data is amazing! Adonai works with patterns. These are some of them. On the Gregorian calendar from 8-17 in 2005 to 12-31 were 148 days. From 1-1-2011 to 5-17-2011 is another 148 days. These add up to 396 days. The total days of the 69 months are about 2217 or 2218 days depending on the number of added days for leap years in this period. If you add 82 days to get to 2300 days, that is about 8-8 in 2011, the beginning of the 9th of Av. But what stands out above all is the NUMBER of FULL MONTHS at 69 then 70 begins! THE BEGINNING of MONTH 70 will be 5-17 to 18, 2011. This will be THE SECOND PASSOVER for ISRAEL. Is this coincidental? Again, I think not. THE SECOND PASSOVER may be momentous this year for Israel and for the world. There is the covenant with Abram/ Abraham. The compounded blessings or compounded curses still apply, whether people believe them or not! Adonai and His Covenant will be in effect! We shall see. Are we on the verge of the greater, the Second Exodus? Each day may we lift up our heads, look up, and WATCH for the appearance of The Beloved Groom of Grooms, The Redeemer, The Captain of Our Souls!
With Love and Shalom,