Jean Stepnoski (12 May 2011)
"A Scriptural Concept: Flood"

Dear Doves,
      The web site bible gateway is a valuable source of cross reference of themes in The Scriptures in various translations into English. The keyword flood shows 41 examples in The Holman Christian Standard Bible. Of course there are the quotations from Genesis about the Noah family and times. Numbers 29-32 are quotations from Daniel. Flood is likened in these passages to the end of a period, this would seem to be the end of The 70th Week of Daniel. There are listed the passages from Matthew and Luke about flood as related to the beginning of a period. Deluge, excessive rain, and flood are not the same concepts. The rain or deluge is less dangerous than flood and drowning.
      We are now at a 120 year flood marker from 1891 to 2011 for the Mississippi River.The major event in 1891 concerned the Ames Crevasse near Jefferson Parish, related to New Orleans. The flooding was in March of 1891, yet took some weeks for the water to recede. Might that have been mid May like 5-17 to 24? With current crisis, the river has crested at Memphis, Tennessee. It will take from 5-17 to 5-24, concerning estimated dates, for the river to crest for Louisiana and Mississippi. New Orleans is the last major city before the Mississippi River flows into the Gulf of Mexico. What will such greater volume of water do to disturb all that crude oil still in the Gulf? We will not know until later this month when that tremendous additional volume of water begins to flow into the Gulf of Mexico. The river is three times wider than normal at Memphis! This variable is like a wild card. It cannot be predicted. This combination of factors, of variables, has never existed before! The build up of crude oil and toxic chemicals and gases began as of 4-19-2010. The gulf is like a cauldron of toxic chemicals. Will there be a stirring up of those toxic chemicals soon? I dread to imagine it.
      Some people are looking avidly to 5-20 to 21, Iyar 17, for various reasons. I am looking to each day before Iyar 17, a date associated with the narratives in Genesis about the Noah family and the beginning of the rain leading to deluge, then to global flood.. Of particular interest is The Second Passover on 5-17 to 18 at Iyar 13 going to 14. May we be preparing and repenting and WATCHING each day for the arrival of The Beloved Groom!. His Barley Resurrection Season continues to unfold!
 With Love and Shalom,