Jean (17 May 2011)
"Harold Camping"

This is in response to Robert Belanger's letter.
I am very troubled by Harold Camping"s  teachings.
He believes in predestination, that God chooses those
who will be saved. Regarding the unsaved,
 quoting Mr. Camping, "Therefore it is not
necessary  for God at any time in their lifetime to place
them under the hearing of the word.
Clearly, not what the Bible teaches, that God doesn't
want any to perish. (see John 3:16)
Mr. Camping believes that the church age ended in
May 21, 1988 and that the great tribulation began.
He teaches that the Holy Spirit has left the church and
no one gets saved there anymore.
I know a lovely couple who left the church because of
this teaching.
I could go on with farther examples but this is enough
to convince me that he is not right on 5/21/11 .
Of course a stopped clock is right twice a day and
it would be wonderful to be out of here!
Looking for the  Rapture every day.
Blessings Jean