John Bidwell (2 May 2011)
"Elenin thoughts"

Dru ‘s letter on 29th April 2011-04-30 had a you tube link  to Mike’s studies non Elenin. He thinks the object  is not a comet. He based his argument on its supposed powerful gravitational pull causing a couple of earth quakes. As Elenin gets nearer we shall have a better idea as to its nature and size, but I have 2 issues about the gravitational pull of Elenin and earthquakes.

Firstly, there is a much greater gravitational pull from the moon and sun and its effects cause tides. Any object that exerts a substantial pull on the earth would also produce tidal anomalies, which I do not think is happening. If the sun and moon cause pulling of the oceans, this would also pull on the earth’s faults and tectonic plates, but I have never seen this as an explanation in the timing of earth quakes.

Secondly, and a related point,  it is too neat to suggest that an earthquake would most likely be induced at a time of maximum gravitational pull, seems to me to be most unlikely and I think what has been observed is co-incidence. 

Elenin could be very significant prophetically. I think it is too early to jump to conclusions, but I must congratulate Mike for his work, and encourage him to keep being a watchman. If this turns out to be a large object then Mike’s studies on the projectile of Elenin for August to October 2011 will cause widespread anguish to our unbelieving earth dwellers due to its effects and if we are still here, a great evangelistic opportunity will open.


John B