Jan Mikael (2 May 2011)
"The Lord now clean up in the 'evil mess'"


Dk, 2.o5.2o11, - Hi friends and Doves !

I've just waked up, after a strange night, after falling asleep, in the
beginning of the night, I was waked up to an almost 'evil experience' first
I heard a indescribable sound/noise, then a explosion of a storm attack,
followed by heavy rain and hailstorm. - It was so evil, that I called for to
be protected by Jesus, and half an hour later it all was gone. But I left my
sleepingroom and go to my living room for to sleep there, after first
praying for protection, it came to me, and I fall in sleep and waked up
peacefully and in good mood, - Praise my Lord Jesus Christ !

For a year ago the Lord He told me: I will start to clean up in the evil mess
everywhere, in My own House, among you all, but also in the nations and
among their leaders of any kind, - dont frighten Jan, stay in and with Me,
and I will protect you and your loved ones. - That the Lord also have taken
Home some of Hi's strongest servant's to, - this a deep warning to us !!!

So perhaps I was the only one who feel the storm-nightmare that 'evil way'
? - in some situation's God He have change my tiring sensitivity. But I
always end my night prayer before going to sleep with the word's: Lord if
you come let me be prepared for you. if you want to show med something, then
wake me up, or speak to me through my dream's, - so then I always know that
the Lord He want to show me or remind me of something, if He wake me up !

When I opened for the TV-news, they told that US have killed osama bin laden
in Pakistan, pres. Obama even said it on TV, so ??? - (i remembered my dream
about obm, the night before the 9.11 attack)

For sure we have to look at, and steadfast on Jesus Christ, He is the only
truth, the only way and the real life, - let's cling to Him in faith and
love, and then dont frighten, He have it all, us to, in control.

Praise to our Wonderfull Victorius Lord Jesus Christ.

Have a blessed peace and joyful day, In the love from Jesus, Maranatha,
ybic, Jan Mikael !