Janet Pfeifer (11 May 2011)
"Diane Gilbert' posting of May 6th"

Thank you for your encouraging response of May 6 to my posting of May 3rd.

Concerning your ability to receive NASA JPL web site, it may be possible that you do not have the software needed to access the side.  I have Java to receive the diagram that moves.  Diane, one can see the stationary diagram of our solar system with Elenin and its projected trajectory at www.curtrenz.com .

I have not been able to find anything that is creditable to establish the size of Elenin, and as best I can determine it is only detected by NASA JPL telescope which detects cold, cold objects, close to absolute zero.  If it was Elenin some 3600 years ago that did the damage to Egypt.  Perhaps it was because it was invisible that it was not held responsible by Moses.  He surely could not prove it.  We could do likewise if we did not have the sophisticated telescope we have today.

Thank you for sharing you conversation with the Lord about the Rapture this year.  There have been times when I too have gotten revelation knowledge like that.  What a blessing.  To me that is what is meant by assembling ourselves as a church.  Most of the time when we meet as a church we are like a bicycle in the box from the manufacture with the stamp on the outside "Assembly required.   The whole church does not participate in the service, except as spectators.                     
I know very little about Dr. Owuor, but I know God uses the whole body of Christ each and every one of us. In the meantime God's love shed abroad in our hearts covers a multitude of sins and errors.  Rom 5:5  It is most important each and every one of us has an outlet to let God's work through us to get us grown up in Christ and not stay babies.

Thank you Diane,

Janet Pfeifer