Jan (21 May 2011)
"To Christina, and all doves  ---Re: Jerusalem"

Christina, you wrote:

One thing to consider is that the city of Jerusalem lies on the proposed 1967 border of
Israel and the West Bank (to become part of the Palestinian State).  The old city East Jerusalem lies in the West Bank.

I was so blessed in 1966 (the year before the 1967 war) to be able to be part of the Wittenberg University(Lutheran) choir, and to travel 49 days around the world!
We sang both sacred and folk music in concert in every country.
I will never forget it!

I loved Israel most of all, to walk where our Lord walked....
but I did not step foot in Israel....
(The reason, of course, is that all of the holy sites were in Jordan!)

We had an Arab guide, who did an excellent job, but I remember 2 unusual things:

1) We could not approach the Western (Wailing) Wall.
Our guide said, "If we do, they might think a Jew has prayed at the wall"

2)The hostility of the Egyptian people to us! 
'Very suspicious of us, 
We were glad to get out of Egypt, and tried to spend very little there, as well!

One of our choir members made the mistake of taking a picture of the high fence separating Jordan from Israel, and was detained for about 3 hours for questioning
(He was scared to death!) 
They also took his film from his camera..........

'Praying that the holy sites will remain in Israel's control, and for the peace of Jerusalem!

In Him,
Jan in AZ