James R (18 May 2011)

  COULD THIS BE HAROLD CAMPING? IT GOES WITH JOHN TNGS NEW POST ON 5/17!!       To John and all Doves and everyone LOOKING.   For many weeks I have had a  very strong thought in my spirit about Harold Campings 5/21/2011. ( I certainly dont agree with his teachings etc.!!) You all know the times we are living in so very close to our Precious LORDS Rapture of HIS Bride!!!!!!!  BUT what if GOD could be using Camping for a wake up call to many lost souls and to wake up so many of HIS BRIDE that are not even looking for their BRIDEGROOM,(.How it must grieve the heart of our SAVIOR.)  Because the date of 5/21/2011etc.is all over the internet,billboards,bumper stickers and more and even more people will be paying attention as that date draws nearer, we know GOD has certainly used many different people (and animals etc.) throughout mans history to accomplish HIS will and could this be HIS final warning/wake up call AND the Rapture may be on THE 3RD DAY later on the date JOHN has posted!!! I was thinking about posting this a couple weeks ago and didnt BUT JOHN TNGS great study and VERY POSSIBLE date has prompted me to post this! Thank you John!!    MARANATHA!!!  James R.