Henoch (7 May 2011)
"RE: Joe Callaway - Osama Bin Laden"


Where is Osama Bin Laden 's body and where are the photo's for proof Mr. Obama?

“Mr. Obama, release the pictures of the dead Osama Bin Laden, because the whole Muslim world does not believe he is dead, so the Osama Al-Quida myth lives on! Osama can be alive today! Why believe on your words? Many in the world does not believe your words. Big mistake/setup also to drop body in sea! What body? Bin Laden's body had to be taken to the U.S.! We will not believe untill we see Osama's corps/body!”

I do believe that Hussein Obama has a weak (craftly policy) argument not to release the photo's of the 'dead' Osama, for not wanting to intice the muslim world more as they are now. Was the 'free' world not inticed by the horrific deeds of Al-Qaida and 9/11? And when f.e. they cut of Christians and Jewish peoples heads (like Daniël Pearl) with blunt knives before camera? Do we not have the legal right to see the proof of the dead Bin Laden? I believe it must be a demand to the WhiteHouse to release them immediatly without delay!

Why getting disposed of the body so soon? Why give the biggest Islamic enemy of the State (and the world) - who caused so much grief and pain - so much credit/respect, by giving Osama Bin Laden an Islamic sea-burial with all Islamic rituals and honour? It blows my mind, it's a shame and it makes me very angry in my spirit!

President Obama says: "Such people are we not!"

What are we then?