Henoch (5 May 2011)
"Update on: Prophetic Message and Warning for America, Obama Admin. abandoning Israel"



Is this a true 'word'?:

I hope/pray that what the Lord told me was right.

I only shared what I experienced from the Lord/Spirit in my spirit; after I prayed and asked.

I don't trust Obama; he walked the whirlwinds hit area (Alabama, U.S.) and speeches how bad the situation is and promises as much help as possible, but he does not tell the people what he and his admin. decided innerroom after closed doors on foreign policy infacto Israël.

We don't know; cause we were not there at the admin.-meeting[s] (only God knows)'.

I think the Lord ment that the U.S. Obama Admin. Decided, at f.e. the U.N., that they WILL NOT assure automatically Israël the veto as they used to in the past, and that those bad tornado's we're judgement on this closed-door decision.

If this will ever come into the news, I don't know. But time will tell.
And if we see the U.S. abstaining veto on any anti Israël resolution, we will know the prophetic word was true. Unless Obama will fall earlier, and God gives grace for a God-given elected one.

Grace and blessings!