Henoch (25 May 2011)
"Nebraska judgement coming? After Joplin Missouri! Believers miraculously saved!"


Nebraska ! Something bad gonna happen?

Last night when I watched the terrible judgement of God with the Joplin Tornado, after Obama's anti-Israël speech about the situation in the Middle East (with deceiving remarks the US will NOT abandon Israël, what we do NOT believe), I prayed for the people and the believers in these hit areas, and asked the Lord: Please, show me what else will happen? I then heard/sensed in my spirit: "Watch Nebraska!" Nebraska? I did not know even where this U.S. State is located (so I looked it up, and here you see the map)! Why Nebraska? Is something bad going to happen there? Let us watch carefully and listen in the silence what the Holy Spirit is telling to us, also for our own country.
Pray for the USA!

God bless,





Here 2 videos of believers being saved and protected by the Lord Jesus Christ, when they prayed in fear and in the eye of death to our heavenly father!






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