Gordon Smith (20 May 2011)
"Re : Cinda Godfrey.......... Aren't We Forgetting Something?"

Hi Cinda

You are absolutely correct. We are getting ahead of ourselves and for all we know the next few days could mark some other event that is going to happen or maybe not, but we cannot negate scripture. Let every man be a liar and let God be true!! It is human nature for people to get exited and I guess that we are all groaning, Rom 8:22; as part of creation for the promise of Jesus coming again as He said He would. I have seen many people leave this point out about the 10 virgins and as you have said it will take something cataclysmic to make people in the Church to sit up and take note and start running around for the extra oil and coming to the watchers to ask for it. Till now we have had some big things in terms of Earthquakes and Tsunami’s that have been mega, but a lot of the Church still sleeps. Yes we cannot ignore the midnight cry, cause it will indeed happen. It might not be Elenin or Planet X, it may be an all out short nuclear war, but whatever it is it indeed wakes up a sleeping Church that will start running around trying to get ready and in the midst of that the rapture will happen.

Let us all continue to be watchers and to watch soberly!!



Gordon Smith