Gordon Smith (10 May 2011)

Dear Jennie


Firstly I have visited the doves site for several years and have understood the site to be dedicated to a pre tribulation rapture with the exception of a few. Quite a number of the people that have contributed to the site over the years have given possible dates that they thought the Lord would rapture the Church / Bride and often they have been plausible, but have ended up being wrong. I myself have seen many dates forecast even in the early nineties and here I am still watching and believing. Still to this day people give dates believing that we can know the day and hour and this is in my opinion the main thought of many of the folk that contribute on this site. I am aware that Jesus did say that He could come back in an hour that we think not and one could even take this to mean day. I believe the main emphasis is that we should be ready and watching all the time, and that if we do so we shall be greatly rewarded. There are others on this site that have the opinion that if we can know the day, even as Noah knew the day when the flood came. I also watch the Dr Owuor video, but did not pick up the things that you noted and I don’t dispute  this and will have to take a look at it again. I thought that he meant that he knew the place where he would be preaching when the rapture occurred, but to me did not seem to give any specific time frame.


Secondly please don’t get offended by any person, I hope you weren’t with me. We must all be in a place where we are able to forgive each other of our mistakes as our Lord and Saviour did forgive us our great debt, which we could not pay. Let God be true and every man a liar. Now is not the time for any of us to be offended, as we see the day fast approach us. There is one thing that we all know for sure is this. The day of the rapture is imminent, so let us pray and watch and ask the Lord Jesus that we be accounted worthy to escape the wrath of God that is going come upon this wicked world.


Bless you for your concern and watchfulness.



Gordon Smith



Jennie (9 May 2011) 
"Re Smith"

Why is it that Jesus and the Angels don't know the hour or day, but we Gentiles do? Could you please explain that to me? If anyone would know the day or hour, it would be Jesus himself. He is the King. The Rapture is a mystery and therefore it won't be on No Jewish Feast Day, he will come when we least expect it. The watchers will know the timing of how close the Rapture is, but not the day or hour. That is for God alone to know. YSIC Jennie