Gerry Almond (25 May 2011)

Bro John:

I know that we have only a few (300+) days left before the GREAT tribulation begins with the man of sin showing up in the Temple.  Time is very short for the rapture to be pre-tribulational.

I have proven that God's timeline, Israel has the same number of days, 43,200 to complete her destiny as Noah had to build the ark.  That is 360 x 120 = 43,200.  For Israel, that is the "sign" given in Matt 24.

Another possible sign was given and that is the detailed count of days Noah and family were in the ark of safety, exactly 365 days, after a 7 day alert to enter the ark.

This year, Ascension day is June 1.  Your projected date, which was proven too conclusively to have no meaning, was May 24.  I think the rapture day may well be Ascension day, which will be 7 days after your date of May 24.  I think this may parallel the warning before the 40 days of destruction worldwide that will parallel the rains of Noah's day.

The reason is spelled out in CJ's post of this date.  I carefully read his post and it makes a lot of sense.

I hope this may be it.


Gerry Almond

Thanks, Gerry!