Gerry Almond (23 May 2011)

Dear Brothers and Sisters:

I hear daily that we are nearing the rapture, which I believe is
believe that we are over 2 1/2 years into it already and the facts on
the ground prove it.  Just look what our leader just did to Israel.  No
matter what he says, he lies, and will ambush them over this division of
the land.  America is surely paying a high price, as this is written.

Storms are all over the mid-section of the country with destruction and
death in various places, even as the profane celebrate with parties the
failure of Harold Camping's prediction of the rapture on 5/21.  Scoffers
are in abundance out there.  But soon, I feel, their mouths will be shut
and that without remedy as Jesus Christ comes for His own.....perhaps

I have a few thoughts about the situation we are now in viz-a-viz the rapture date that has come and gone.  I felt sure that it would, inasmuch as the Bible says that it comes on a day that ye (men) think not.  A bunch of ye’s worldwide thought it would be 5/21.  Remember the same thing happened in 1988 with the booklet titled “88 Reasons Why the Rapture will be in 1988”.  When it did not happen, the folks grew spiritually cold and somewhat bitter with disappointment.  But mainly there was great derision and mocking in the world.  Well, it has happened again.


I have tried to convince Bible searchers of the following:


The gospel of Matthew was written to the JEWS, to present Jesus to them as KING

The gospel of Mark was written to ALL to present Jesus as the SERVANT

The gospel of Luke was written to ALL to present Jesus as the SON OF MAN

The gospel of John was written to ALL to present Jesus as the SON OF GOD.


It is of paramount importance, I believe, that we realize that Matthew 24 and 25 was not written to US.  It means, to me anyway, that the message that no man knows the day and hour is speaking of His second coming, NOT the rapture.  No words were spoken relative to the coming in the clouds as to it timing in Matthew 24.  It was to be an IMMINENT event, a time that was wrapped up in the mystery of God around the rapture event, only revealed later than the time of the Olivet Discourse by the Apostle Paul in I and II Thessalonians 4 and 5, and in I Corinthians 15.  It means that the Olivet Discourse applies to the Jewish nation, not to the Church, the Bride, in my view.


What this may also well mean is that the virgins and the talented servants do not apply to the Church either.  Furthermore, the “elect” in Matthew 24 are all Israel, not the Church. 




ISRAEL was to have the “sign of Noah” according to Matthew 24.  That sign turns out to be that JUST AS NOAH HAD 120 YEARS BEFORE ENTERING THE ARK, SO MODERN ISRAEL WILL HAVE 120 YEARS BEFORE ENTERING THE GLORIOUS KINGDOM.


Just to prove that this is true, I believe, consider the counts of days with respect the modern Israel.  Forget the U. S. and the rest of the world. Timeline-wise, God is only interested in Israel!  Since Noah experienced a 360 days perfect rotation year, the count would be as follows:


360 days time 120 years equals 43,200 days exactly.  Both Noah and modern Israel will use the same count of days.


From the call of YHWH to Noah to build the ark, he had exactly this many days before the flood waters would DRIVE him into the ark. 


From the re-establishment of Modern Israel’s presence in Palestine until Modern Israel completes its task on earth, it has exactly the same number of days to complete its destiny in our lifetime before the return of Jesus Christ as King of Kings DRIVES them into the ark (Millennial Kingdom).  If this is true, let’s prove it:


For centuries and centuries (1,827 years), the Jews of the world had no home.  They were driven all over the world after the destruction of Jerusalem and the Temple in 70 A. D.  By the time they come within 43,200 days of their entry in the Kingdom of King Jesus, they will never set foot in their homeland.  But God………


On 8/29-31/1897 the FIRST Jewish Congress was held since 70 A. D.  That means that the Jews have wandered for 1,827 years among the gentile nations.  Their great hero, Theodor Herzel, on 8/31/1897, with the help of the British government issued the decree that would later found the MODERN STATE OF ISRAEL, that would be named such on May 14, 1948 in the world body, the United Nations.  The Balfour declaration was published in 1917, following WWI which opened Palestine to Jewish settlement.  A few Jews went home them, and in 1922, the League of Nations, forerunner to the United Nations, issued permission for them to settle in Palestine.


WW2 then brought the great holocaust upon the Jews of Europe.  They were murdered by the millions in the furnaces and death camps of Hitler’s third reich.  So stunned was the world in 1945, when this great atrocity was discovered by General Dwight Eisenhower’s allied troops, that the world reacted by providing a homeland for them in their ancient land, now called Palestine.  It was a worthless piece of property in the eyes of the world at that time, but as you know, the Jews have turned it into a modern garden of prosperity.  When the United Nations was formed after WW2, one of its first acts was the give birth IN ONE DAY, to the modern state of Israel.  This was the only nation in history born in a day, as far as I know.  So Israel became a state/nation on the date of 5/14/1948.  Then in miraculous succession, on June 6, 1967, while defending itself during attacks by it Arab neighbors, it took and still holds Jerusalem, the city of the Great King.


Since then, horrible persecution by its neighbors has taken place, with the intent of driving them into the sea. 


This is sufficient information for me to complete the count of days that shows their 120 years of 360 days, totaling 43,200 days compares exactly to the days of Noah. 


8/31/1897………………………………43,200 days…………………………12/7/2015.


The last seven year period of this time is the 70th week of Daniel’s prophecy of 2,520 days PLUS an additional 75 days found in Daniel 12.  Total days, 2,595.


The question now is, does this end date of 12/7/2015 have backing to be the true end of the age?  Yes it does, as evidenced by the tetrads of eclipses so carefully outlined by Pastor Mark Biltz which fits this scenario EXACTLY. The 70th week of Daniel’s prophecy is thus found to fit EXACTLY between 10/29-30/2008 and 12/7/2015.  EXACTLY!!!


This makes the American President the one who made a covenant with millions on the pre-election night of 10/29-30/2008 WHICH STARTED THE 2,595 DAYS COUNTDOWN.


If this is true (and it is), then the first half of the 70th week ran from 10/29/30/2008 to 04/11/12/2012.  This is the day, according to scripture, that the antichrist will claim himself to be all authority, while in the Temple of God.  The scriptures call this the “abomination that makes desolate”.  From there it is exactly 1,335 days comprised of 1.260 days for the last ½ of the 70th week, and the additional 75 days of Daniel 12 to the end of the age.  Next stop, the KINGDOM, beginning 12/8/2015.


Just think of it.  We are already over 2 ½ years into the 70th week, and many just do not believe it.  Incredibly, they are still looking for a “peace treaty” with Israel to START a 7 year period.  Say, just how much has to happen before we call it tribulation time?  How about the economic mess we have ALL OVER THE WORLD now?  Let alone the storms, floods, etc.  What do people want to see to call it “tribulation”?  We may have a devastating heavenly body on the way.  We have radiation melt-down that will half-life in bookoos years.  James, in chapter 5 described this time we are in.  And it STARTED with economic woes from which we can only recover by a NEW WORLD ORDER BRINGING A CASHLESS BUYING SOCIETY WITH IT.   Don’t you see that we are just an inch away from that?  And that means the mark on the forehead or hand cannot be far behind.  And I for one am thanking Jesus Christ for the rapture as my escape from this time of hell on the earth.


Harold Camping was not correct with his 5/21 rapture date, but THIS COULD BE COVER FOR THE REAL THING IN THE NEXT FEW DAYS.  Read John Tng’s post about the possibility of 5/24.  It could very well be 5/24, AFTER THE WORLD HAS HAD IT’S MOCKING of the idea of a rapture.  The apostle Peter had a verse or two on this about scoffers in the last days deriding the event and saying “where is the promise of His coming?  For since the fathers fell asleep, all things continue”…  Now, I am not saying that it will be, but it certainly could be.


Finally, if you believe that ISRAEL IS GOD’S TIME CLOCK, then how better can JHWH identify His time clock for us than heavenly signs lining up with Israel’s days?  Many signs seem to back this up.  So I say,






Gerry Almond