Gerry Almond (18 May 2011)

Bro John:

If you are right about May 24, it works also to have given us a 7 day warning from May 17/18 through May 24/25.  And as you pointed out, the 24th here is a Tuesday.

I did a 40 days further count (which would correspond to the rains in Noah's day) and the count landed on July 3/4.  The 4th of course of birthday 235 for the USA.  It may encompass destruction of man.  The next count in Genesis 7 and 8 in Noah's sign is 110 days, during which they just floated atop the water.  That count ends up on October 21/22, which is the exiting time for comet Elenin.  It's work has been done during the 110 day period.  I did not see significance to the remaining counts, but you might.  The third count lands on January 3/4, 2012, which is 74 days later.  The fourth count is on February 22/23, 2012 which is another 40 days count.  Then over 21 more days, Noah released a raven and the doves.  That took 21 days and lands on March 14/15, 2012, the Ides of March.  The sixth count is 22 days and the seventh count is another 57 days.  Finally the last day of the total of 365 is the exiting of the family onto dry ground.

I certainly agree that something is indeed up.


Gerry Almond
Thanks, Gerry!