Gary Newman (20 May 2011)
"Jennie AC"

HI Jennie:

I'm pretty sure you have identified the AC!
I have never looked for the AC and I never accepted OHB as AC.

This is different. His name Ra (Egyptian god, el Hebrew name for God),
together make up part of the name of Israel.

He claims to be Jesus and this is  his second coming. Well we have heard
of all sorts of religious kooks in the past but this one is going to be
the mother of them all. What has convinced me is that he is purported to
be Jesus by the knights Templar, this is the executive arm of the "Priory
of Sion", the central global ruling body of the Illuminati (so called), who
are controlled directly by satan.

 As a side note the scripture differentiates
between Sion and Zion. Zion is our heavenly home, Sion is mount Hermon,
on the 33rd parrallel where the watchers descended and also where the
Danites lived and practised their pagan idolatries.

Deu 4:48  From Aroer,H4480 H6177 whichH834 is byH5921 the bankH8193 of the riverH5158 Arnon,H769 even untoH5704 mountH2022 Sion,H7865 whichH1931 is Hermon,H2768

These creatures call themselves ascended masters. And that is true because
they ascend up from the pit (you can't ascend down from heaven). His name
according to revelations is Apollion  or Apollo, but I think I'll just call him Polly!

I have to smile when I read Thessalonians as Paul talks about Polly in the temple
shewing himself to be God, does he have to try real hard to impress because
no one believes him? Haha.

One extremely interesting thing I read was that; it was stated on that site that
the church age is over. I got real excited as we all know that the church age is
not over until the rapture and Polly and crew are not able to do a fat lot until
we and our beloved Holy Spirit is taken out of the way. So they have and inkling
of the approximate time as do we. They must work our heavenly Father's schedule
since He writes history and His is Kingdom the Power and the Glory for ever and ever, world without end.
Hallelujah, praise our might God who is seated at the right hand of the majesty on
high and has been given a name above every name that at the name of Jesus Christ
every knee shall bow and every tongue confess that Jesus Christ is Lord.