Gail (5 May 2011)
"Somber indeed, very grave"

Abbas: Israeli halting of funds will result in early UN petition 05/04/11

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas said Wednesday that if Israel persists in suspending the transfer of funds collected on behalf of the Palestinian Authority, the Palestinian leadership may move up its UN petition for statehood.


He warned that if Israel does not cancel plans to stop the flow of tax funds to the PA, it will pursue a United Nations resolution recognizing Palestinian statehood before its planned date in September, perhaps in May.


----- "I was in a room.  A crowd of people are in this room.  I saw Obama and some other people sitting on some chairs at a higher level than the others.  I heard them use the word veto.  They were discussing what should be done, and were saying to veto something.  Then I'm looking around the room at all these people.  To my right, I saw a lady with a microphone and it seemed like she was a reporter.  Then I heard people talking to the reporter about the wedding.  The reporter was sad because she's waiting for the groom and the groom didn't come and all these people are there.  I heard someone speaking behind me and I turned and looked.  He was telling the bride, saying that she's going to go through some tough times and he was encouraging her.  I heard the people start chanting, come, come, come.  In the dream, I was thinking he might not come now.  After I thought that, I saw him coming.  He came with another person.  I don't know if it was an angel.  His walking was brisk, and he took his place beside the bride.  There was silence in the room.

The Lord revealed to me that the thought I had in the dream is the thoughts of many of his children - that he's not coming now.

- joe M  jan 3 2011
I have always told you when the Rapture would not be. Years ago when I told you something great would happen in April I was referring to this April 2011. The time has come. The glory of the LORD shall fall on all those who love My appearing. The time is at hand for Me to become even closer to My Bride.
Let this time be bittersweet as one who waits by the telephone or the mail to hear from their Beloved. Oh! and when that communication comes! What joy! What loving conversation. Your heart seems to burst for joy!  Just continue to anticipate My return. It will be much more 'rapturous' when it happens.
Because you and the Doves want to know, I tell you now that I will give you a warning of My impending arrival - your departure. You will hear the cry of the archangel that the Bridegroom is on the way. Prior to that I will tell many, many of you that the Catching Away is within days. You will not be left as wandering sheep without the clear and decisive voice of your Shepherd. Fear not, Little Doves, for I am watching over you and I promise you will hear My voice as the time draws near."

-Shelva Sirry Apr 23 2011
Obama's political boost could be a fleeting one 05/04/11

But Campbell (political science professor), said Obama will need to walk a careful line so that he doesn’t appear to be touting bin Laden’s death for political gain. Also, analysts said, they expected the White House would avoid appearing too triumphant and risk alienating allies in the Muslim world, particularly as Washington seeks to leave Iraq and support Libyan rebels.

“Where the president gains ground is by keeping it nonpartisan,” Campbell said.

Some critics made issue with how often during his Sunday night national address Obama tried to stress that he was the one calling the shots that led to the raid on bin Laden’s compound.


Five Mistakes the Obama Administration Has Made in the Aftermath of Bin Laden Killing 05/04/11


The major errors so far:

1. Not getting its story straight: Was bin Laden armed or not? What woman served as a human shield? Who actually was killed beyond the main target?

2. Not giving George W. Bush enough credit for helping bring bin Laden to justice: Even if the White House believes the previous occupant had nothing to do with OBL's ultimate demise, it would have been better for national unity and Obama's own political fortunes if he had gone out of his way to thank 43. His invitation to Bush to join the event Thursday at Ground Zero (an offer declined) was the right idea, but belated.

3. Letting the photo debate get out of control.

4. Letting the debate about the war in Afghanistan get out of control.

5. Letting the debate about Pakistan get out of control.

---- seems they're not in control or aware of ramifications.


In a Zero-Sum Relationship, Obama's bin Laden Bump is Bibi's Loss

by Karl Vick Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Pride [goeth] before destruction, and an haughty (having or showing great pride in oneself and disdain, contempt, or scorn for others; proud; arrogant) spirit before a fall.


God Bless,