Gail (13 May 2011)
"May 15th"

Flood waters set sights on Louisiana oil refineries 05/10/11
Record flooding along the Mississippi River threatens to inundate at least two Louisiana refineries and hundreds of oil and gas wells, officials warned.

"This is a very serious flood," Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal told reporters.

"We haven't seen this kind of flooding since 1927."


"Flooding in the lower Mississippi valley, where 11 refineries process up to 2.5 million barrels a day, is causing problems for the US oil and oil product markets."

 "But if we get into a situation where these refineries are shut down for weeks, this could be very serious."


Gasoline, oil trading halted 05/11/11

The exchange’s move followed a sell-off in oil and gasoline futures Wednesday, set in motion by a range of macroeconomic and local issues — from Chinese inflation data, which bolstered expectations that policymakers in China would further hike rakes, to a jump in the dollar against the euro on worries about a Greek default, to reduced concerns about the impact of Mississippi River flooding on U.S oil refiners.


Major economic downturn happening in central U.S.

 The mighty Mississippi plays a huge role.


What lies right off the gulf coast?

I posted this before- Our Strategic Oil Reserves. And there's research showing a Louisiana-gulf connection with the New Madrid fault. 

Amid uprisings, Obama to speak on political change in Middle East, North Africa 05/11/11 
A White House official says no date has been set for the speech, but it could happen before Obama departs for Europe next weekend.
Obama’s agenda next week will already be heavily focused on the Middle East, with Jordan’s King Abdullah and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu making separate visits to the White House.
What Happens before next week?
Ever heard of NAKBA?
Nakba Day (Arabic:  meaning "day of the catastrophe") is an annual day of commemoration for the Palestinian people of the anniversary of the creation of Israel. It is held every May 15, the day after the anniversary of Israel's Independence according to the Gregorian calendar and the day marks the expulsions and flight of Palestinians.
In 1947, the United Nations General Assembly proposed partitioning The British Mandate of Palestine into two states, Jewish and Arab. The Jewish community accepted the UN partition plan, while the Arab community in Palestine, supported by the Arab League, rejected the UN proposal and vowed to oppose it by armed struggle. 
In the ensuing war, the Palestinian Arabs failed to prevent the establishment of a Jewish state.
 Israel declared its independence from the United Kingdom on the evening of May 14, 1948. That same night five of the seven countries of the Arab League launched a military operation against Israel; this marks the start of the 1948 Arab-Israeli War. The Israel Defence Forces defeated the armies of Egypt, Syria, Transjordan, Lebanon and Iraq and seized just over fifty per cent of the territory allocated for an Arab state in the partition.
Top Fatah official: 'PA won't be able to stop 3rd intifada' 05/12/11
Abbas Zaki, whose tasks include monitoring the Arab Spring revolts, told The Media Line that Palestinians have been encouraged by how Arabs across the Middle East have toppled two leaders and threaten others with mass protests. With no peace talks with Israel on the horizon, Zaki warned, the Palestinian leadership will be hard pressed to contain the rage of demonstrators. 
'3rd Intifada' rally to be held at Miami Israeli consulate 05/11/11
While other rallies are called for May 15 – including an “Al Nakba Rally” in front of the United Nations in New York – few, if any, other than the Miami rally are employing “third intifada” terminology. 
IDF chief warns of violence on 'Nakba Day'
As opposed to previous years, the Palestinians have been calling for civil disobedience both in the West Bank and outside Israel, in states sharing a border with the Jewish state. The trend got underway with the launch of a Facebook page urging the Palestinians to embark on a third Intifada on May 15.  

Elsewhere online, several groups are organizing with the aims of reaching Israel's borders. One such initiative is being organized by the Islamic Brotherhood in Egypt, with university students expected to depart from Cairo Friday en route to the Gaza Strip border.


Hamas Admits 'Peace Accord' is a Prelude to War 05/11/11 

Hamas co-founder Mahmoud Zahar on Wednesday told the Maan news agency Hamas would never recognize Israel.

Saying Hamas would accept a PA state based on the "1967 borders," Zahar made it clear a peace accord would only serve as a prelude to Israel's destruction.


Minister John Kilpatrick:  Prophetic Vision and Dream


Sunday, April 27, 2008 - Vision
As I was approaching the Daphne Civic Center for Sunday morning service at Church of His Presence, I had a vision which lasted for about two or three seconds.  In this vision, I saw the ground buckling before me.  It was so real that I actually moved aside to avoid what I was seeing.  I knew immediately that it was an earthquake, and the thought crossed my mind that the damages of this earthquake could have the potential to exceed those of Hurricane Katrina of 2005.  Please understand that I am not saying that the Lord told me this.  It merely crossed my mind.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008 - Dream
I awoke trembling and shaking at 5:00 in the morning after having a startling dream.  This was one of the three most profound dreams that I have ever had during the ministry the LORD has called me to.  I feel that this dream is an addendum to the vision I had on April 27, 2008.

In this dream I saw the words wind and water.  I only saw the words but did not actually see any wind or water damage.  I then found myself overlooking a river which instantly became so wide that I could no longer see either of its banks.  The dream then shifted, and I was with one of my parishioners running through what appeared to be an old abandoned school house.  This empty building began to shake.  The shaking was so violent and severe that it was like the bucking of a wild horse tossing us around.  My teeth were clapping so hard from the impact that I tried to clinch them to prevent this from happening.  In this dream I knew I was experiencing a massive earthquake.  The sounds were so catastrophic that the thought crossed my mind that the devastation could likely exceed Hurricane Katrina of 2005.   I did not see the devastation behind me; I only heard it.  In all of my life I have never heard such catastrophic sounds.  These were the scariest sounds I have ever heard.  The dream then shifted once more and concluded with two names on what appeared to be an old Spanish map.  One name read Indianola and the other Europa.  When I awoke, I was shaking as if I had chills and fever.  I could not stop trembling.  All through the day I felt as if I had just had the dream 10 minutes ago.

This dream so shook me that my wife and I immediately went to the internet to do some research.  I also contacted some close friends in the ministry and reliable intercessors concerning this dream.  What we found was startling.  There are towns called Indianola, IL, Europa, MO, and Indianola, MS.  These towns run in a line from North to South with Europa, MO being near the middle of them.  The Mississippi River runs between them with Europa, MO being by the epicenter of the New Madrid fault.  After seeing this, I believe the dream could be concerning a devastating earthquake on the New Madrid fault.  Many reputable friends in ministry have felt that this dream was not to be interpreted as a spiritual dream because they felt that it has literal implications.  Even now, two days later the intensity of this dream is the same.

Be very prayerful.

God Bless,