GabriDon (18 May 2011)
"Super Event EXPOSED ???"

 Fema are acting like they are expecting something and why are they themselves blowing up levees and creating FLOODS ! 
1) First they post on fema blog called , " What We're Watching on the day of April 22 " which coincidently lands on the 17 day of Nisan when Jesus rose from the grave !!!   Hmmm
2) On that date of the 22 of April they somehow foresaw a need for fema to be at the location of the new mdrid fault lines on the days of MAY 15 --- May 26 , What is going on !!!!    BTW a must watch video below ..
Now as few know Fema is run by the Elite and sometimes they like to forewarn and play games with dates as we know the Number 11 seems to be a favorite number of events that had taken place in the past ( For Example , September 11 -- March 11 ) Did you not know that on May 11 there was a strange earthquake in New Madrid Spain .... Odd is it not --- Check out this video >>>
Moreover, do you know about Haarp ( a man made devastating machine that has the ability to cause earth quakes )  -- Please look into it !!!  ALERT! WORLDWIDE SEISMIC ACTIVITY IS PEAKING!!!
it seems like something is brewing in the air , please watch this video >>>
Jesus is Coming !!!!