Frank R Molver (5 May 2011)
"Obama's second strike, second term."

Had this thought after reading numerous posts.
I was reminded of what the Lord showed me in the sky the day before his election.
First there was a golden cloud that looked like a lightning strike downward in the direction of DC
Then seeing the video of Obama's name meaning lightning and being associated with the AC kind of freaked me.
But after seeing the first lightning like cloud striking downward and disappear, I saw one striking upward at what appeared to be a bird, perhaps a dove.
So what I think this means is that he will be re elected.
I sure hope I am wrong on this impression.
The first 4 years is for the "CHANGE", he inputs, the change needed to proceed with phase 2, persecution.
So I would expect things to be very different in his next term.
Maybe he is the guy
On a personal note, I had a brief vision of my second son having a young boy around 3, looked kind of goofy with messy hair, just like he did at 3.
They don't have a child yet but are thinking about it after December.
Hmm, reminds me of Jimmy Lishman writing something similar.
So I am guessing we are gonna be here a few more years.
Hope your right and I am wrong.
I would really like to leave too, but we gotta do what we gotta do.