Frank R Molver (30 May 2011)
"delayed and wrong rapture plan from Nicole"
I concur with this dream and it deals with some of us who just watch rapture dates but don't prepare, and are not about the Fathers business.
An example in scripture is the 10 virgins, who many are in denial of.
Big warning, many will grow weary with all these wrong prognostications.
If your heart is right you will be able to stick it out.
Not only that, you will be on the RIGHT PLANE!


The second dream was that he saw us at an airport waiting for a plane to come in. And we sat there and sat there for the plane to come and finally when it came we boarded. People were getting irritated waiting for the plane so they tried to board other planes. The planes that they boarded were very tempting, but when they got on that plane they ended up going to hell. My son said it was those people who were never saved to begin with. However after boarding there was a delay with the plane taking off and half of the people who boarded the plane were getting anxious. Some people told him that they just cannot wait anymore because this plane is never going to take off so they left. And then other people said, hey you know what, call me and tell me when the plane is going to leave because I can't sit here and wait and then I will come back....I want to go to the airport store and check out the magazines and other gifts. The people who did not want to fly on our plane well my son saw they tried to board another flight but after they did, he saw that that plane never, ever took off. They were left behind in the tribulation, they never had a born again experience and they had played church. My husband was one of the people who wanted to play around and go shopping while we "held his spot" on the plane. He was left behind, the plane took off without him. When our plane took off and all of a sudden a bright, bright light encompassed the plane and we were raptured, but our plane was only half full. A beautiful voice kindly said for everyone to please exit the plane and when we did there was a sign that said Welcome to Paradise. My son said there were many, many planes landing in Heaven and it was so fast that everyone had to double take their surroundings, they were a little in shock.