Frank R Molver (26 May 2011)
"feathers from heaven and other seemingly small messages"

I am doing some street ministry with a partner on the river near here.
Yesterday we ran across a christian that has fallen in to hard times and is trying to escape 25 years of alcoholism.
He was watching a red hawk and a feather fell from it and he watched the feather float down to him.
He took that as an encouraging sign and placed it in his bible.
Though he was not sure if it was significant and did not know what it meant.
My ministry partner relayed some instances where he saw small dove like feathers slowly fall during worship.
He plays base in the worship team.
He watched one feather float slowly down on to a woman's big bushy hairdo as she was closing her eyes praying.
Also I realized that Indians make these great head dressings out of feathers, so I think now it has spiritual meaning.
Many Indians knew there was a God even before they learned of Christ, and looked for spiritual signs such as these.
Learning of Christ brought them home.
I thought about this and recalled a time 30 years ago when I was in jail and was looking at probably spending the rest of my life there.
Fortunately it was only 6 months but I did not know that at the time.
I was all alone for a long time with no outside communication.
There was only a cot and a cement wall with lots of little holes in it.
One day a small green moth landed on the window outside and stayed there a long time.
I was euphoric, for some reason that moth gave me great hope, way before I ever thought of God.
So the purpose of this letter is that God does send us signs all the time, but we have to pay attention.
Sometimes they are silent signs but visual, such as a beautiful rainbow or cloud.
Do not overlook his speech to you.