Frank R Molver (2 May 2011)
"Oliver's how long will it be,  2016"
Good letter Oliver.
I think your right
Should have put what happened on those dates for the novices though
1917.5  Major Allenby walking into Jerusalem ending 400 years of Turkish Muslim rule.
1967.5  Jerusalem liberated from Palestine.
So what would 2016.5  be, it seems to me it would have to be significant for the Jews
Would it be the beginning of the temple being rebuilt, thus the start of the last 7 years as you imply?
Or is it the middle of the trib?
If we go 3.5 years back we get to 2013.
If we are her till mid trib that could mean that we are here till 2020.
Or it could mean we are here till 2016.
I think that you are probably right about the 2016.5 date.
But I am not sure about which scenario.
The 2 previous dates were positive to the Jews.
So it would seem to me that it might be the beginning of the rebuilt temple of the trib.
Of course they do not see what lies ahead 3.5 years later.