F.M. Riley (4 May 2011)
"Re: God's Time Line   Part 2"

Dear Garry,
       I am glad you enjoyed the study.  I am working on Part 3. 
       In answer to your question.....   There are "time periods" clearly set forth all through God's Word, and there are also "generations" set forth. 
       Most of God's people take the "liberty" of ignoring what the Word actually says and make "generations" and "times" synonomous.  They ARE NOT synonomous!  I don't mean to make an issue out of this minor point, and I am sure not going to fall out with any true believer who does this, but I am also NOT going to do it myself.  I am a stickler for staying with what the Scriptures actually and literally say and not adding to or taking from them in any way. 
       Years ago I made a study of the word "generation," carefully examining every single place it occurs in the Bible, both Old Testament and New Testament.  A "generation" as defined by the Scriptures is between 33 and 42 years.  There is absolutely no Scriptural reference to a "generation" being any longer than that anywhere in the Bible.  However, there are "times" [Acts 17:26] of varying lengths all through the Scriptures which are prophetically significant and important.  Over and over again there are "times" of 40 years of testing.  There is a "time" of Jubilee which is only reached after  50 years.  There is a 70 year period which is highly significant.  And on and on with many different time periods all through the Scriptures.  There is no way that these "time periods" ever alter the Biblically defined length of a "generation." 
       In guessing at your reason for asking the question, it has now been 63 years this year since Israel became a nation in 1948.  "70" is the Bible number for "the restoration of Israel."  Just 7 years left to complete this "time period."   This should tell true believers something about where we presently stand in relation to God's great Plan of the Ages.  But that isn't all!  
       According to the Lord's statement in Matthew 24:32-35 the "generation" that was living when the "fig tree putteth forth leaves" [Israel's expansion of her territory] would not die off [pass away] until the Kingdom of God is established on this earth.  Significantly, that was 43 years ago this year during the Six Day War in 1967.  So we are already a year past the length of a Bible "generation."  The Lord must be coming real SOON.  "50" is the Bible number for "the Jubilee."  Just 7 years left to complete a Jubilee cycle.  Again, this should tell true believers where we are in relation to the end of the age.  It is obvious that in 7 more years the 70 year "time period" and the 50 year Jubilee cycle are going to be completed at the same time.  Is this just "coincidence"?  Not hardly! 
       God bless you dear brother.  Thanks for writing.  Feel free to write anytime.  See you SOON in glory.  Pray for me.  In the love of Christ,
                      Bro. Riley