F.M. Riley (11 May 2011)
"God's Time Line"

What is wrong with God’s Time Line??? Part III

                                                                                                                                      By Pastor F. M. Riley

                                                                                                                                May 7, 2011


       “Tell ye, and bring them near; yea, let them take counsel together: who hath declared this from ancient time?  who hath told it from that time? have not I the Lord?  and there is no God else beside Me; a just God and a Savior; there is none beside Me.

       Look unto Me, and be ye saved, all the ends of the earth: for I am God, and there is none else,” Isaiah 45:21-22.



The Leviticus Psalms…….Worship

Psalm 73-89


        The Book of Leviticus was obviously given to impress upon the Jewish people their need to love and worship and serve the Lord who had delivered them from bondage in Egypt and had chosen them to be His people.  Leviticus sets forth specific instructions on how they were to worship the Lord. 

       It is just as obvious that this third division of the Psalms, the Leviticus Psalms, were given to remind the Jewish people of their special position as God’s chosen people, and to call them to turn again to the Lord God of Israel and worship Him in holiness and righteousness and truth.  Every Psalm in this third division [73 – 89] contains one or more Scriptures having to do with the Jews worshiping the Lord either as individuals, or as a congregation, or in the Lord’s sanctuary.  Study these Psalms carefully and see these truths for yourself. 

       Psalm 73…….This Psalm correlates with 1973.  What a Psalm and what a year!  Glory!

       This year began with a “heavenly messenger” in the solar system, Genesis 1:14-15.  “Comet Kohoutek” had suddenly appeared in the heavens in late 1972 and was visible in the night sky throughout most of 1973.  Significantly, there were also 7 eclipses that year.  This amount of eclipses had not occurred since 1917, the year Jerusalem was freed from the Turks.  There is no question that the 7 eclipses in 1917 signified the end of the Ottoman Turkish Empire.  So what did the appearance of Comet Kohoutek and the 7 eclipses in 1973 signify?  I’m so glad you asked! 

       I truly believe that these “heavenly messengers” signified the “beginning of the end” for the dominance of the western powers over the earth.  I do not have the time and space to discuss every item in the following list in detail, but I trust that the list will motivate our readers to study these things for themselves. 


1.         Comet Kohoutek was in the night sky throughout most of 1973.

2.         7 eclipses occurred in 1973.

3.         The United States Supreme Court handed down their infamous Roe vs Wade decision           

    legalizing abortion.  That wicked decision ultimately infected the other nations of the 

    earth like a cancer.  Since that decision was handed down in 1973 there have been some       

                 65 million unborn babies callously MURDERED in America.  The “blood of the

                innocents” now contaminates every city, town, and village in America, and also in

                 most of the nations in the rest of the world.  See 73:11, 9:17 and Proverbs 14:34.


4.      The Club of Rome met in 1973 and on a world map literally divided the whole earth

   Into “ten kingdoms.”  See Daniel 7:7, 7:23-24, and Revelation 17:12.  These

   wicked “world planners” have been working ever since then to bring their vision of a

   New World Order into reality.  Read 73:3-12. 

5.       It was also in 1973 that the greedy “oil barons” of the Middle East organized into

   OPEC, raised the price of oil on the world market, and caused the first “gas shortage”

   in the U.S. and other western nations.  They have continued to manipulate the world

   oil market right to this day.  See 73:7 and 73:12. 

6.      It was in 1973, according to economic historians, that the economy of the United

   States of America reached its “peak.”  This occurred on January 11, 1973.  The

   financial wealth of America has been gradually declining ever since.  See 73:18-19

   and James 5:1-6. 


   removed and replaced, either by death, disgrace due to a scandal, or assassination.

   Remember Nixon?  Remember the leader of Germany?  Remember that Comet

   Kohoutek was in the sky and 7 eclipses occurred that year.  See 73:18-20. 

8.      It was in 1973 that the first dam was completed on the “Euphrates river” in

   Turkey.  This made it possible to produce hydro-electric energy, but it also made it

    possible to shut off, divert, or control the flow of water in the Euphrates.  Since 1973

   four more dams have been completed on the Euphrates.  Read Revelation 9:13-14

   and 16:12.  Bible prophecy is alive and well and is being swiftly fulfilled. 

9.      In 1973 the Karakoram Highway through the Himalayan Mountains was also

   completed and opened to traffic.   This highway enabled anyone to drive from

   western Tibet into India in as little as three hours.  For centuries the Himalayan

   mountains stood as a natural barrier between China and the nations to the west of

   the Himalayas.  With the opening of the Karakoram Highway it became possible for

   the first time in human history for “the kings of the east” to swiftly move their

   armies into the Middle East at God’s appointed time.  Read Revelation 9:13-19

   and 16:12-16.  More Bible prophecy moving into place to be fulfilled.

10.                     It was also in 1973 that the “Greater Jerusalem Synagogue” was completed, giving the

   Jewish people a central “house of worship” for the first time since the destruction of

   their Temple in 70 A.D.  Remember that this 73rd Psalm begins the “worship” series

   of Psalms.  Now look at 73:1-3 and 73:16-17.  In 1973 the Lord God of Israel began

   stirring the hearts of the religious Jews to return to the true worship of the God of

   Israel.  Glory to God! 

11.   Finally, it was in 1973 on the most holy day of the year on the Jewish calendar, Yom

   Kippur, the Great Day of Atonement, that the enemies of Israel launched a surprise

   attack against Israel.  The Jews were not expecting it and were totally unprepared.

   Therefore for several months the war went badly for Israel.  This is likely why 73:2

   Says, “But as for me, my feet were almost gone; my steps had well-nigh

   slipped.”  But the God of Israel turned the tide of war in favor of the Jewish people

   and gave them victory in 1974.  The Yom Kippur war is described in detail in Psalm

   74.  Study both of these Psalms carefully.


       In reviewing this list, it is obvious that events occurred in 1973 that would have an effect on Israel and all of humanity right up to the return of Christ at the end of this age.  It is also more than “coincidence” that most of these events yet have a prophetic fulfillment which was set forth in the Scriptures from 2,000 to 3,000 years in advance.  Sadly, some people never bother to seriously STUDY the Scriptures.   No wonder they don’t believe them! 



       Now let’s move forward to…….

       Psalms 75, 76, & 77…….These Psalms correlate with 1975, 1976, & 1977.  Each of these are Psalms of thanksgiving and praise to the Lord God of Israel for having delivered Israel and the Jewish people in their time of great need.  They also look forward to a time of total deliverance for the Jewish people and the whole earth as the Lord returns and the  wicked are destroyed for ever. 

       Now let’s look at…….

       Psalm 78…….This Psalm correlates with 1978.  This Psalm begins with the Lord God admonishing Israel and the Jewish people to “Give ear, O My people, to My law: incline your ears to the words of My mouth,” 78:1.  The Lord then repeats a second time the same truth He stated in Psalm 49:1-4; that He is opening “dark [hidden] sayings of old,” 78:2.  Verse 4 explicitly states that these “hidden sayings” will be shown to “the generation to come.”  This is the exact same expression which occurs previously in Psalm 48:13.  This expression literally means “the last generation.”  Look this up for yourself in your Concordance or Lexicon.  Here we have a second verification that humanity today is living in the last generation of this present age.  Glory to God! 

       The rest of this 78th Psalm is a reminder to Israel and the Jewish people of how the Lord God took care of their forefathers in ancient times, in view of what He is going to do for the Jewish people living today as this present age draws towards a conclusion.  Praise the Lord! 

       Now let’s go forward again to…….

       Psalm 79…….This Psalm correlates with 1979.   This Psalm appears to be almost totally prophetic of the coming Tribulation period.  Verses 1-3 appear to prophetically speak of the time during the Tribulation when the Antichrist and his wicked followers will defile the rebuilt Jewish Temple [Daniel 9:27] and will slaughter the 144,000 [??] “servants” of the Lord [Revelation 7:3] and all the believing Jewish “remnant” who refuses to flee to Petra,  Revelation 12:17.  That this Psalm is prophetic is undeniable, for in it the Jews are literally praying for the “wrath” of God to be poured out “upon the heathen [Gentiles] that have not known Thee, and upon the kingdoms that have not called upon Thy name,” 79:6.  It is the last half of the Tribulation that is explicitly “the great day of the wrath of God Almighty,” Isaiah 13:6; Joel 1:14; Revelation 14:7; 14:9-11.  The Jews are also praying for their own national salvation as a nation and a people, 79:8-9. They  also pray that the Lord God might “be known among the heathen in our sight by the revenging of the blood of Thy servants which is shed,” 79:10.  Compare Revelation 6:9-11.  But the verse in this Psalm that implicitly identifies it with the coming SEVEN YEAR Tribulation period is 79:12, “and render unto our neighbors SEVENFOLD into their bosom their reproach, wherewith they have reproached Thee, O Lord.”  Even though presently in unbelief and out of the will of God, the religious Jews obviously still believe that the promises of God towards them will be fulfilled, 79:13.

       Psalm 85, 86, 87, & 88 all contain references to the suffering of the Lord Jesus Christ as He paid the ultimate price for the salvation of repentant and believing Israel, and of all who will repent and believe.  Are you saved?  Do you know the Lord?  Now let’s go to…….

       Psalm 89…….This Psalm correlates with 1989.  I cannot skip over this Psalm because King David is explicitly and prophetically referred to in this Psalm four times.  Study each of these references carefully.  See 89:3-4, 89:20-22, 89:34-37, and 89:48-49. 

       It is a sad truth, but most Christians have never studied or paid much attention to the “covenant” which the Lord made with King David.  Among the few who have studied it, many do not take it as literal truth but attempt to apply everything stated in it to the Lord Jesus Christ.  God forbid that I should detract from the greatness and majesty of my precious Lord.  Yet in seriously studying the “covenants” set forth in the inspired Word I know that every “covenantthat the Lord God made was made with a man or men.  Each covenant


contained its own special conditions and promises, whether made with a man [Abraham; David; Christ; etc.] or a people or nation [the Jewish people or others] or with those living under grace [New Testament believers; the Lord’s church]. 

       Notice that in the 89th Psalm the Lord explicitly says,

       “…I have sworn unto David My servant…,” 89:3. 

       “I have found David my servant…,” 89:20.

       “…I will not lie unto David,” 89:35.

       “Lord…….Thou swarest to David in Thy truth?” 89:49. 

       In view of these statements occurring in this 89th Psalm, I would encourage my readers to seriously STUDY the Davidic Covenant as set forth in 2 Samuel 7:1-29 and 1 Chronicles 17:1-27, and BELIEVE what you read as literal truth.  If you don’t understand what the Lord is actually promising David in that covenant, then l0ok up every word and statement in your Concordance or Lexicon while praying for the guidance and enlightenment of God’s Holy Spirit, John 16:12-15; 1 Corinthians 2:11-16.

       Why are these statements about King David in this 89th Psalm important?  Because the Lord promised King David that David’s Kingdom [Israel] would be established before him [David in his bodily presence] “for ever,” [2 Samuel 7:16; 7:25; 7:29] and that King David himself would rule over it “for ever,”   The Lord God promised it and that settles the matter whether some men want to believe it or not.   

      It is then of more than passing interest that 1989 was the year that great strides forward   began to be made by Medical Researchers in Israel in identifying the “DNA” of the tribe of Levi [the priestly tribe].   Is it possible that the researchers were also successful in identifying the “DNA” of the House [or lineage] of David that year?  I don’t know!  It is certain that the Israelis don’t “blabber” all of their discoveries like most other nations do.  What I do know is that in this 89th Psalm the Lord explicitly states, “I have found David My servant…,” 89:20.  Regardless of the exact sense in which this is meant, I believe the Lord!

       What the inspired Word of God actually and literally teaches is that King David is going to be resurrected back to natural life without a “sin nature [Joel 3:20-21] at or near the middle of the Tribulation period [Daniel 11:45 – 12:1-2], and he will actually and literally lead the Jewish people and reign over them during the last half of the Tribulation [Micah 2:12-13].  Before some reader “blows a gasket” and labels me “a false teacher,” perhaps you should carefully read 89:20-23.  These verses place King David in the same “time frame” and in opposition to, “the son of wickedness.”  Who is this prophesied “son of wickedness” except the coming Antichrist?  Compare 2 Thessalonians 2:3-9.  Well…??

       Our readers which are interested in studying this subject in more depth should request my series of studies on The Ages to Come, and in particular on The Davidic Covenant. There are ten studies in this series.   I will be glad to send them to any reader requesting them.




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