Fay (9 May 2011)
"Seal 6"

Hi John and Doves,
Like most of you, I have become extremely aware of the signs that our LORD has been sending us. Why He has to communicate, with us, in such an obscure way, is obviously beyond our understanding. It must be 'The Law' spoken of in the Bible. The Law of physics etc. Our LORD has done it in such a way that we are committed to seeking His truth. If it was straightforward, we would not spend so much time on Bible study. When you really think about it - it's sheer genius! It certainly keeps us on our toes. The more we search and explore, the deeper our knowledge and understanding of our LORD becomes. It becomes a 'long term' relationship rather than a 'fling'. Only a long term, committed relationship, full of patience, wisdom and a certainty of our partner, can give us the true joy of what REAL love is supposed to be about. Warts and all. Obviously, in our relationship with the LORD, the warts are all ours! Haha.
Getting serious - I have had 'Seal 6' running through my head on annoying repeat. It was only this morning (Sunday 8th May) that I suddenly thought about the 6th seal of Revelation. After the peculiar 'chlorus (green)  horse' image that appeared in the footage of the Egyptian riots, I have been aware that our LORD will use different things to give us a heads up. These signs will come along when there is something that grabs the whole world's attention. i.e. The slaying of Osama Bib Laden by the navy team, Seal 6. The majority of the world were glued to their seats - eyes locked on the telly. There have also been a number of horse related incidents which may be pointing at something. Riderless horses etc. The latest horse to go crazy and leap into the crowd, was numbered '6'. It was headline news on my yahoo home page. I will try to find the link for you all. A horse called Animal Kingdom won the derby in USA. We, with the animals, were created on day '6'. Perhaps the last 2 perceived signs are a bit of a stretch, but I have a very strong instinct about the navy team, Seal 6. If my instincts are serving me well, it is not long before a great and terrible earthquake strikes.
There have been a number of very good articles and you tube clips posted, recently, that emphasize that Christians WILL suffer persecution and tribulation and that the Rapture happens back to back with The Day of the LORD. A lot of it makes sense and ties in with scripture. However, this has led the posters to believe that this 'day' is still a long way off. Every time I log onto a good Christian website that gives us the news from all over the world, I see horrendous stories about the persecution of Christians. Well - just like the pale (green) horse is obviously a Muslim oriented prophecy, the persecution of Christians, prophesied in Revelations, does not necessarily mean we will all be persecuted in the same ways. The persecution in the 1st World is a loss of liberty, loss of freedom to pray, the Bible removed from our schools - people losing their jobs because of their faith. The military chaplains having to compromise their faith etc., etc. Persecution takes different forms, depending on where you live. I believe the beheading of Christians will occur in the Middle East, on a large scale, very soon. Africa is not far behind. Large scale beheading comes in the Great Tribulation. Christian persecution is happening right now! Prophecy is unfolding rapidly and the LORD is instilling a sense of urgency in all Bible believing Christians. Only the LORD knows exactly where we are on His timeline. However, He doesn't want us to be dense about it. He IS showing us that time is running out. Let's stay alert and intensify our prayers.
God Bless us all
In Jesus' Beloved Name