Fay (9 May 2011)
"Susan B"

Hi John and Doves,
Susan - your prayer request has been prayed over. The LORD will inject you with the confidence that you need. Don't forget - a new job is scary for everyone. Every single person has stuff that they're embarrassed about. Not one of us are immune. We all suffer from a lack of self esteem in certain areas. Try to remember that the perception you have of your own weaknesses, is not the same perception other people have of you. Take enormous pride in your beautiful Christian soul. Let your light shine with confidence. Your beauty will radiate, if you let it. Don't arrive at work feeling inadequate or 'not good enough'. Pffft......of course you're way more than 'good enough'. You belong to the LORD - you are the best of the best!! Don't allow negative feelings to pull you down. Any negativity will be your own and you have the LORD'S power to change that.
May our LORD Jesus enfold you in His love, guidance and protection. Feel His strength and presence and know that you are going to be appreciated. Our LORD never has us where we are not meant to be. There is purpose in everything that we children of God do.
May God Bless you, Susan
In Jesus' Beloved Name