Fay (7 May 2011)
"Re: What a mess"

Dearest John and Doves,
Thank you all for your response to my emotional outburst.  It's an 'other worldly' phenomenon that happens to we Christians, over time. The LORD takes us and molds us. Refines us through fire (pain and hardship). There's a wonderful Psalm, which I can't find (poor e-sword and Blue Letter Bible - smoke coming out of their ears) in which David (I think) waxes about being grateful for our hardships - because it is those trials that refine us and brings us closer to the sacred. The book of Job is not studied enough re this very idea.
My walk with the LORD has rendered me extremely vulnerable - emotionally. Every lie, cruelty, injustice etc., is like a knife through my heart. I simply cannot stand it. My old shallowness and blinkered outlook was a great shield against the depravity of this current reality. Now - I am affected by everything. I am totally humbled and in desperate need of the comfort and security of our beloved LORD. Whilst I pray the LORD'S Prayer and send special entreaties for Israel, Christians and all the victims of the world, I also pray that the LORD comes soon. We all accept that certain things have to happen first, but all I want is for this to be OVER. The beautiful creation of the earth and God's universe to be cleansed of all the evil. I accept that unbelievers have to be put through a terrible fire. I understand that there are physics behind all this. Everything has to balance before people are ready to be cleansed. I also understand that the early Christians went through far worse. All this 'understanding' does not lessen my urgency to be with my true family, in Heaven. I liken it to being forced to watch a really gruesome, scary movie. You don't want to subject yourself to it but you're stuck in the dark, smelly movie theatre of life. LORD - PLEASE - open the doors of Heaven, already.
I'm sure you all feel the same way. We each have our own trials and tribulations. Perhaps Melissa is right. The Church is being judged first. I just don't know how much sadness, sorrow and deteriorating circumstances it's going to take before our beloved LORD comes. The Bible tells us to endure. Well - I've never felt this bad before. We are definitely all enduring. Like at the dentist - enduring the drill. It simply cannot go on for much longer.
Please - all Doves, pray hard for the Rapture. Let us all pray together and beg the LORD to come so that this mess can be cleared up. The sooner we start the better.
I pray love and peace for all the Doves
God Bless us all
In Jesus' Beloved Name