Fay (28 May 2011)
"Mandela and Communism"

Hi John and Doves,
This article just cracked me up. I don't know when Nelson Mandela wrote it but the whole thing is not only delusional - it's a pack of lies.
Since when has communism ever been a 'success'? When has it EVER benefited the ordinary man? I'm sure that most South African Doves would agree with the fact that the majority of politicians in Africa are riding the proverbial gravy train. Living in the lap of luxury whilst life has not improved one iota for the majority of Africans. Financially speaking. Capitalism has it's pitfalls - it sure ain't perfect -  but at least it gives everyone a fair crack of the whip. Communism only suits those in power so that they can grow ever fatter on the toil of the common man - never having to worry about pesky elections. Never having to stress their pea brains about mending potholes, equipping their hospitals or pushing for educational excellence. The evidence of the total failure of communism is everywhere - throughout history. China may be growing and growing but her people have paid the price - and still are. Cuba may have bumbled along but, seriously, their cities are crumbling. They squash any spark of originality or creativity if it doesn't fit in with the elite's agenda. I know the Bible tells us that what is wrong will suddenly become 'right' in the last days but these politicians take the cake. Feeding us the biggest load of drivel via their lap dog media, assuming that if they say something enough times, we'll accept it as the new normal. This may have worked back in Hitler's day but the world has moved on. We're a lot more savvy.
I never thought I'd see the day that communism (under the guise of 'socialism') would rear it's clapped out head again. The collapse of the Soviet Union - the wall coming down in Germany etc., should have put paid to it. It just goes to show - history really does repeat itself. It's well worth while doing some research on the build up to WW1 as the 1914 date has eerie similarities to what will probably happen in 2014 - 100 years later. WW3.