Fay (27 May 2011)
"To Kevin Heckle"

Hi John and Doves,
Kevin - I am addressing this to you as I have enormous respect for your knowledge re astronomy. I also admire your down to earth approach ('scuse pun). I was looking at Randall R. Russell's post from yesterday (26th May 2011) regarding the crop circle of Milk Hill in 2009. As I live in UK - crop circles are obviously mainstream and are - genuinely - a complete mystery. The first link I'd like you to look at is a crop circle that appeared on 24th May 2011. I believe this crop circle has a message (it is my sincere belief that John Tng hit upon this date for a very good reason. What that reason is, is yet to be seen) and that this particular crop circle is some sort of planetary alignment. Please have a good look at it and give a measured (and kind) response).
I have an instinct about crop circles. They (most of them) are not of this world. I am posting another link for a previous crop circle of 2011 (also in Wiltshire) which had a strange substance at it's center. I recognized the substance as we have had this strange 'stuff' in our garden. It looks like intricate spiders webs - small, patterned, but chaotic (compared to the symmetry of spiders webs) and very fragile. Touch it and it disappears. It was NOT dew and was spread in patches, all over our lawn. We've only had it once. This particular crop circle is not sophisticated but there is something about it.....................?!?
Please click on 'Ground Shots, Diagrams, Field Report, Comments and Articles' (separately, of course) to see what the experts have to say. Don't forget, they are all (most of them) scientists etc.
I am very interested to see if you can ascertain a planetary alignment in the Burderop Down circle. Even if you believe this is all nonsense - please indulge me!!