Fay (26 May 2011)
"Ola Llori and Jimmy"

Hey John and Doves,
Ola and Jimmy - it's wonderful to know that there is compassion out there. Compassion that is much needed by Harold Camping and his followers. You both get that there is more to this so-called 'debacle' than meets the eye. What's wonderful is that Harold is not skulking off into a dark corner. He's had the kahuna's (sp!) to field another date...in October. Big smile. This is not the disaster that it appears to be. Sure - the mocking will continue. It will upset a lot of Christians. At the end of the day - it's keeping it OUT THERE. No publicity is bad publicity when one is wanting to stay in the news!! Ola - you pointed out that Harold Camping has managed to achieve that which no other big Christian names have. It may be a tad messy but it's got people thinking. Thinking and praying. The world's a mess. Any dumbo can clock that - news of a coming Saviour is bound to get people searching and seeking the urgent truth.
God Bless