Fay (26 May 2011)
"Obama's "Gaffe'"

Hi John and Doves,
This is a very strange story indeed. I certainly don't believe it was a gaffe or mistake. Even the most ordinary of people would have better sense as to know what year we're currently living in!!! If Obama had put '2010' in - that would be (sort of) understandable. It takes some of us a few months, into a new year, to remember that we have actually moved on!! No - this was deliberate. A message to 'whomever' that would be seen and splurged across the world's media. The 24th May sure seems to be an important date - a date that our own John Tng highlighted.
I watched Obama's speech today (25th May), in London, and was struck by his arrogance and enormous ego. I tried to listen to him objectively and was doubly struck at just how repetitive and DULL he is. Tell me again...........how did he get elected to the most powerful post in the world - POTUS??? In contrast, Netanyahu's speech to the American congress, was riveting. I kind of squirmed when he did a bit of a suck up to Joe Biden (awful, awful man) but thought he carried himself with intelligence and dignity. Unfortunately, I detected that Netanyahu is prepared to make these 'painful compromises' in order to please Obama - not the people of Israel. It's all very odd.