Fay (2 May 2011)

Hey John and Doves,
I'm sure I speak for us all when I say that I'm heartily sick of the Chicago thug, Obama. Whether he is born on American soil or not is neither here nor there. In his dark heart, he is NOT American. Ever since he came on the scene, the world has become a dark and fearsome place. It's astonishing that one man can hold us all (yes - including Europe, the Middle East, Africa etc) to ransom. His evil has reached to the outermost points - his thuggish policies have brought ruin, fear and confusion. In direct contrast, the Royal wedding was an absolute joy. Our Beloved LORD was honored and revered throughout the ceremony. The young couple were a delight and there was great joy and happiness throughout the world. It was a blessed ray of sunshine and hope. The best of it was, that over 2 BILLION people heard the words, honoring our LORD and Saviour, Jesus the Christ. Hallelujah !