Fay (18 May 2011)
"John Tng- 24th May"

Dear John,
WOW!!....... is the immediate reaction. It also makes so much sense. I have always felt that we would receive some sort of 7 day warning. Well - we got it today (17th May 2011) I recognize your caution and have absorbed that too.
After reading and drinking in your post (about 50 times !) I researched the date of 24th May in history. There were a lot of surprising things but the most wonderful was the first telegraph message that was sent by Samuel F.B. Morse. On May 24th 1844, Morse dispatched the first telegraphic message over an experimental line from Washington DC to Baltimore. That message was taken from the Bible - Numbers 23:23, to be exact.
Nu23:23 - Surely [there is] no enchantment against Jacob, neither [is there] any divination against Israel: according to this time it shall be said of Jacob and Israel, What God hath wrought.
Wesley's study notes on Numbers 23:23 -
Against Jacob - nor against any who truly believe in Christ. What God hath wrought - How wonderful and glorious are those works which God is now about to do for Israel! These things will be a matter of discourse and admiration to all ages.
The telegraph message was limited to, "What God hath wrought" but that doesn't detract from it. Once the Church has gone - the LORD'S attention can, once again, turn back solely to Israel.
Oh, Father God - how great Thou Art!
Thank you for your wonderful, wonderful post, John. It always takes such courage to put your neck on the line. A good Christian man does not do that without careful thought and study. I will not sleep tonight - waiting for your next promised post. I can't wait to be 'shocked'. Haha. My cleaning is going to take on new heights. I've even done all the light fittings and extractor fans !
May God Bless you, John and all the Doves
In Jesus' Beloved Name
Thanks, Fay!