Fay (13 May 2011)
"Lag Ba'Omer"

Hi John and Doves,
Lag Ba'Omer is coming up soon. The bonfires were supposed to be lit on the evening of 21st May but have been postponed to 22nd May. This is because the rabbi's don't want the Sabbath to be desecrated. Lag Ba'Omer is celebrated on the 33rd day of counting the Omer and occurs on 18 Lyar (22nd May 2011) this year. It is a joyful holiday and is the one day when Jews are encouraged to celebrate. They light bonfires and party, party, party. It is not only a day of feasting but it is a favorite day for weddings as well. Interesting. Many Jews believe that it is the one day when God is smiling upon the earth.
So - instead of lighting the bonfires from sundown on 21st May, they will be lighting them on 22nd May.
This seems significant to me.