Fay (12 May 2011)
"Jim Goodrick - Reply to NWO Elitist"

Hi John and Doves,
Jim, your post:-  http://www.fivedoves.com/letters/may2011/jimg511-1.htm It made me so mad, I just had to reply.
Dear NWO Elitist,
In reply to your letter, addressed to each World Citizen, informing us of your power and plans. *sigh*. I shall try to be gentle as Christ has exhorted us to be. It won't be easy.
You deluded people just can't help yourselves, can you? You claim to be 'well hidden' but the world is waking up to your machinations and manipulations. Why are we so aware of you now? Because you can't help but show off and brag like spoilt, clueless children. Planting clues in the media, the Internet, movies etc. This letter of yours is a classic example! Amongst your many weaknesses, your narcissistic need for for control and recognition, negate your boasts of so-called 'secrecy'. This will prove to be your Achilles heel. You have already exposed yourselves. You desperately desire to be acknowledged and feared. Basic psychology informs us of the innate dysfuntionality of a bully. The bully's complete lack of self esteem and deep self loathing. A lack of emotional quotient. The bully will rule the roost for a time, but, as everyone learns (albeit, the hard way) a bully is easily knocked off his/her perch. Because a bully is, essentially, a coward. A coward who hides behind 'secrecy' and takes refuge in a gang mentality (he who controls the military etc) Your 'security is all tied to money, gold, silver. Mute gods that will mean nothing and will afford you no protection. This should make us pity you - and we do. You have caused so much destruction, smearing filthy oil over God's creation, without bothering to clean up. You have caused hunger, death, disease, pain and suffering. And this gives you pleasure? Seriously? There is no honor amongst thieves and you lot are going to end up stabbing each other in the back. That is the nature of the beast.
Let's assume, for argument's sake, that you get your wish - to rule over what's left of humanity, after you've completed your orgy of destruction. The 'slave herd' you'll be left with, will not have the intelligence - emotional or otherwise - to envy your lofty positions of power. Who will you brag to then? Who will you bully, to satiate your sadistic needs? Why - each other, of course. You'll turn on each other. Devouring and destroying until there's NOTHING left. You people are not so good with the Big Picture stuff, are you?
I have bad news for you. Very bad news. It's actually YOU who has been lied to. It's actually YOU who have been manipulated and deceived. YOU are the real patsies. If you think that your 'god' is going to see you right, think again. Your 'god' hates you just as much as he hates the rest of humanity. You are the real 'useful idiots'. And like all needy, weak bullies, you are going to be royally knocked off your perches. Very soon.
The God of the Bible - the Almighty Creator of Heaven and earth has warned us of you. He is in charge and is only allowing your nonsense to continue for a time. You are a lesson to us all of what NOT to do. All for our education and spiritual development. This kind of makes you irrelevant to the future, doesn't it? If you refuse to recognise this truth now, you'll have plenty of time to think it over in an eternity of hell.
As a Christian, I am exhorted to pray for you. Being a flawed human, I find this difficult. Like praying for Hitler or Bin Laden. It doesn't sit comfortably. I will pray though, because our Almighty God desires that no-one is lost to the bowels of hell. Like it or not, you belong to the Almighty God of the Bible too. Jesus Christ died on the cross for you too. What you have done is take His gift of free will and misused it. You have taken His offer of forgiveness, via the Cross, and flung it in His face. I advise you to get down on your knees and beg for forgiveness before it's too late. If you truly are sorry, He will forgive you. Rethink your strategy and allegiances. Your 'power' is a delusion and your 'money' is a house of cards.
Please understand that we are not afraid of you. Really not. We are not afraid of those who can kill the body but not the soul.
May God Almighty help you and restore you to Himself.
In Jesus Christ's Beloved Name
From: A Proud Christian and fully paid up member of God's eternal Creation.