Fay (10 May 2011)

Hey John and Doves,
I found this article particularly creepy because of those Blackjack clips that have been posted. I will post the link to the Blackjack post underneath this one. Any Doves who missed the Blackjack clips must make a point of watching them - then read this article. It's quite eerie just how everything seems to be coming together very quickly. Joining the dots used to be a bit laborious. Now, we get confirmation of our suspicions almost immediately.
Stefan L's post re Blackjack (well worth watching, then joining the dots):- http://www.fivedoves.com/letters/may2011/stefenl57.htm
Una (Union of North America) could well be America's next name. Scary, scary, scary. All those Mexican drug barons having access to America, legally. *Shudder*. May our LORD deliver us from all the evil very soon.