Elizabeth S (13 May 2011)
"Prayer for Israel"

Dear Friends:

Please read the following and join us on Friday and Sat. on our Web-stream to pray for Israel. Just go to our Website and follow directions. We will begin our online prayer meetings at 10. AM New Orleans time.


In late March, 2011, a battle cry was released in the Middle East as the Palestinian Authority recreated a Third Intifada page, which had previously been banned by Facebook. This page was calling for the destruction of the State of Israel and encouraging the gathering of millions to invade Israel 's borders on May 15, 2011. Once the page was removed from Facebook, additional pages with the same call to action have been posted. Since their creation, these Facebook pages have gathered hundreds of thousands of "Likes," with similar pages gathering over 3,000,000 votes of support.

The "march into Israel " has been scheduled for May 15th—the date of the establishment of Israel 's statehood and a day the Arab's refer to as "Nakba" or "Tragedy." These pages are gathering support and promoting the destruction of Israel with words like: "One billion Muslims for the destruction of Israel ." "The historic march toward Palestine , 15.05.11." "Billion Muslims to exterminate Israel ."

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