Eliane B (4 May 2011)
"To Paul Wilson - Re: "About the 144,000""


In response to http://www.fivedoves.com/letters/apr2011/paulw430-1.htm


Dear Paul,


This is the way I see the 144K:


First, there is a Rapture, happening more or less at the time of the beginning of the 7 year Tribulation. This Rapture could precede the 7 year period or take place a few days after the revealing of the Man of Sin. We don’t know that exactly but we do know that true believers will not be deceived.


Then, on Earth remains the unbelieving Jews and gentiles, plus a part of believers (those who weren’t ready for the Bridegroom, those who were living in unrepentance but will eventually be saved just because they believe).  I’m not saying that one must be perfect to be ready to be raptured, but only to repent, confess their sins and do their best to turn away from sin.


Those who never heard of the Gospel (and those who were believers but weren’t ready to be raptured) will have a second opportunity to believe and be saved, joining the Body of Christ in Heaven. This second group will be the Tribulation Saints.  These people will go to Heaven either via death or via another Rapture, at the end of the Tribulation, just before the Wrath of God is poured on Earth (Scriptures plainly says that believers are not destined to the Wrath of God). It seems that those who were unbelievers at the time of the Rapture will believe the lie and probably take the mark of the beast. But I believe that there might be exceptions.


Before going on, let’s keep in mind that all the horrors of the Tribulation period are not the Wrath of God yet, as most scholars teach. They are the wrath of Satan, who know he has a short time left. The Wrath of God can only be poured when there are absolutely no believers on Earth anylonger. That happens probably on the Feast of Trumpets in the last year of the Tribulation, only after the Seventh Seal is opened.


The 144K are raptured with the those Tribulation Saints that survived so far (just before the Wrath of God is poured, which seems to be about 5 months before the end of the seven year period). But when they get to Heaven, the 144K sing the new song, which only the Bride of Christ sang. The Tribulation Saints are not described as singing the new song, but of course they are also extremely happy because they will also have eternal life and they are part of the Body of Christ too.


Then when all groups of believers are joined in Heaven (Christ, the believers who died before the Rapture, the believers who were alive and took part in the first Rapture, the believers who died during the Tribulation and all those raptured at the last Rapture) , only then does the Judgment Seat of Christ start, because all believers are then united in Heaven, forming the complete Body of Christ. The judgment Seat of Christ was not possible before that moment. That moment is also the Coronation of Jesus as King of Kings, in Heaven. At that moment I think that there is the 30 minute silence in Heaven, and right after that, the Wrath of God is unleashed on Earth. This will certainly be a Feast of Trumpets. And following that, the Wedding Supper of the Lamb, in Heaven too.


No believers in Christ can be on Earth at the time the Wrath of God is poured. Remember that the seal that the 144K have protects them from Satan’s attacks, but not from the horrors of the Wrath of God, which will be devastating on Earth. Besides, the 144K must be present in Heaven for the Judgment Seat of Christ + Coronation of the Lamb + Wedding Supper + the preparation period to reign and rule with Christ after the Second Coming. They have an appointment in Heaven and they can’t be absent, even if their seal of protection did protect them from the Wrath of God.


So, all remaining believers have to be evacuated from Earth, just like the occupants of an embassy are removed from the country the embassy is located just before a war. Of course there will be many  people on Earth who will be protected, otherwise there would be no one left to inhabit planet Earth as mortal humans during the Millennium reign of Christ (the saved Jews plus the “sheep” gentiles, as the “goat” gentiles will die in the Sheep and Goad Judgment and will not inhabit the Millennium).


I don’t know if my explanations help your understanding.  There are probably other explanations.


Blessings from YSIC,


Eliane (in Brazil)

P.S.: I much appreciated reading the books by Daniel Rydstedt, available for download at http://rapturebride.info/ Their prices are very affordable and worth every penny, especially volumes # 2 and # 3.