Eliane B (31 May 2011)
"To Bruce Warner - Re: Draconid Meteor shower/storm"


In response to http://www.fivedoves.com/letters/may2011/brucew530-3.htm


Hi, Bruce


Your post was very interesting, especially if we take into consideration that Scriptures mentions “stars falling”.


Stars in Scripture very often depict angels.


Please watch the videos below and tell me what you think.








The author basically says that the Antichrist is no regular human, but a fallen angel (angels in the Bible are also referenced as MAN, they are spiritual MEN), who is incarcerated in the bottomless pit (with all fallen angels), and his name is plainly given in the book of Revelation, and we don’t pay attention to it. The videos are very interesting. He says that this character simply cannot appear in the scene while the Church is still here.


This Beast will be so powerful (and good looking and impressive) that he will be able to deceive billions of people with miracles, signs and wonders. He is not a regular human.


After watching the videos, I bought one of the author’s book and found it very good.


His website is http://www.nephilimapocalypse.com/default.asp and the books can be downloaded for a very affordable price.


Greetings from YSIC,