Eliane B (21 May 2011)
"To Richard L. Wills and Susan B. - Re: the dead in Christ rise first"


To Richard L. Wills, in response to your post http://www.fivedoves.com/letters/may2011/richardw520.htm


Dear Richard and Susan,


Thanks for you comments.


My intention in my post (http://www.fivedoves.com/letters/may2011/elianeb519.htm)  was to remind readers that we shouldn’t expect a Rapture before the dead in Christ are risen. If this order wasn’t important, the Word of God wouldn’t mention it. One thing must precede the other, even if it only takes a couple of minutes. We will just KNOW. By the way, when the First Fruits (the ones resurrected at the time of Jesus crucifixion who rose with Him three days after) were SEEN in Jerusalem after their coming out of their graves (after the earthquake). I think the resurrected dead in Christ will also be seen by many too.


I think I was misunderstood.  Richard, you said: “There is NO basis for believing the still living PART of the bride are left behind to preach & help!” I didn’t affirm that!


In my post I had no agenda of starting a discussion about who goes in the Rapture, but only to remind watchers that we will probably SEE the dead in Christ just after their resurrection (which will certainly be an astounding event) and some time later (which we don’t know how long it will take) the bodies of those who are part of the group called “the Bride of Christ” will be transformed. I think that what happens “in the twinkling of and eye” is the transformation of our bodies. Right after that, we will be raptured together.


I think that the Trumpet and the resurrection of the dead in Christ will be the Bridegroom’s cry.


Love and Shalom,


Eliane B.