Eliane B (19 May 2011)
"The dead in Christ rise first"

Dear doves,

Whatever date you have the highest expectation for the Rapture, here is an important reminder:  The dead in Christ rise first

The Bible doesn’t say (at least explicitly) how long after the resurrection of the dead in Christ shall the Rapture take place. We don’t know whether it’s instants after that, hours, days or even a few weeks.  The precedent in the Bible is the resurrection of those who were presented in Heaven as the Firstfruits with Jesus Himself: that event happened three days after the crucifixion of Jesus (equivalent to two days if we use the same method of counting that was used in those times: inclusive reckoning – which counts the first day as day # 1 in the counting). 

I believe that on that day (that the dead in Christ are risen) an earthquake will happen and we will just know what might be taking place.
I’m not saying that the Rapture will necessarily follow the same pattern (a few days) as it did at the time of Christ’s crucifixion with those who were resurrected and taken with Him. But it could be so.

So, whenever you choose to watch, don’t forget: the dead in Christ rise first.


Eliane B.