Edwina (7 May 2011)
"Dear FAY, from a soul in UK"

Hello my friend,
Jesus IS COMING SOON, and I personally believe we have quite a little way to wait yet.
I honestly think that as we "see" the world from a spiritual reality for us Rapture Ready Christians, for many there they are still to be informed and convinced.
There will come a time yet when we are filled with the Holy Spirit and miracles will pop up all over because WE Believe and our Faith will convert others and as we get closer to the rapture the world will be getting darker yet.
It is all very strange and daunting...I have lost interest in my beloved garden...with the chemtrails stuff floating down, with nuclea fallout all over USA. I am sure we all have some over here in UK. Food contamination etc etc.
The 1000 ft stunami if/when Japan sinks. The New Madrid Fault line blowing up the levies.......BO lying and strutting around Ground Zero.
I cannot stomach the politians either they are all lying, twisted and my sister we have a little way to go as yet I am sure.
Jesus is the Most Tender and Awesome Love and He knows every heart beat, every thought and fear....talk to Him and share your fears He WILL evapourate them with His Fire and Love. God Bless you sister and hang on in there. edwina.